PennDOT’s 2020 Construction Program, Innovations & Concrete Pavement Initiatives

T Jay Cunningham PE, PennDOT/BOMO

Automated Speed Enforcement in Pennsylvania

Craig Shuey, Turnpike Commission/COO

National Concrete Pavement Industry Updates

Leif Wathne PE, ACPA/National

Sponsor & Exhibitor Recognitions

John M. Becker PE, ACPA/PA


Thomas Harman PE, FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery

Performance Engineered Mixtures Update

Patricia I. Baer, PennDOT/BOPD

Impact of Competition on Pavement Economics

Randolph Kirchain PhD, MIT

Full-Depth Reclamation with Portland Cement Stabilization

Heather Steffek, ACPA/NYS

Calcined Clay & Other Emerging Pozzolans for Concrete

Farshad Rajabipour PE/PhD

Concrete Certification Requirements

Jim Casilio PE, PACA

I-376 Innovations and Cost Savings

David M. Scuillo PE, Golden Triangle

Academia Research Overview

Richard R. Jucha PE, ACPA/PA

Pipe Sustainability & Resilience

Trygve W. Hoff PE, American Concrete Pipe Association

PennDOT/PACA Testing of Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures

Mark Moyer, NESL

Texas Skid Study Overview

Richard R. Jucha PE, ACPA/PA

IRISE Overview—A PennDOT Perspective

Brian Wall, PennDOT Planning & Research

IRISE Projects, Customizing Rigid PavementME & Early Opening to Traffic Study

Lev Khazanovich PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Precast Bridge Project Showcase

Troy Jenkins PE, Northeast Prestressed Products

CPQI Updates

Joseph F. Cribben PE

408 Updates

 David L. Jarvis PE, PennDOT/BOPD


John M Becker PE, ACPA Pennsylvania Chapter